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Friday, February 6, 1970



Office of the President

of the Philippines



February 6, 1970

1:10 AM

Poor Banjo Raval (Gen. Vicente Raval) the Chief of PC. He is one of the most loyal of the officers in the Armed Forces. I have asked him to seek relief as PC Chief. Instead of Gen. Eduardo Garcia, I may have to put Gen. Tanabe temporarily.

I intend to make a sweeping reorganization of the cabinet, financing institutions and the tax collecting offices. So I meet with the Development Council tomorrow to chart the program on social legislation. This will include price and rent control, special funds for peace and order and for land reform. Housing and resettlement must receive priority attention.

Have met with Labor Leader Ignacio Lacsina (NATU), Peasant leader Felixberto Olalia (Masaka) and Kabataan Makabayan leader Carlos del Rosario brought in be Sec. Blas Ople. They have asked a more nationalistic policy. I told them that it has saddened me to be driven to the refuge of anti-communism and pro-Americanism. I offered them the opportunity to obtain loans from the Eastern European Socialist countries; retirement of Gen. Raval and the disbandment of the “monkees” as well as the prosecution of Col. Tomas Diaz and his men for the alleged kidnapping of Alabado. They promised in turn to call off the Feb. 12th rally and to meet with me on Tuesday Feb. 10th at 5:00 PM at the State Dining Room.

January 30, 1970, Friday

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 62


Office of the President

of the Philippines


January 30, 1970


4:00 PM

Still very quiet. The Kabataang Makabayan has been able to muster only about a hundred demonstrators before Malacañang. To cover up their inadequate number, they have gone to Congress where the NUSP under Jopson and the NSL have a more impressive number. Ollera has alerted Gargaritano. There is a congressional hearing at 3:00 PM. At six o’clock the leaders come to Malacañang for a conference.

I continued the dialogue with the students – this time from CLSU, with the various student leaders like Jose Sayson, this morning.

1:00AM Jan 31st

The Ma-Maos and Dante Kabataang Makabayan are leading the rioting outside.

The riot is still going on but the Metrocom under Col. Ordoñez and Aguilar after reinforcement by one company of the PC under Gen. Raval arrived have pushed up to Mendiola near San Beda where the MPD were held in reserve. I hear shooting and I am told that the MPD have been firing in the air.

The rioters have been able to breach Gate 4 and I had difficulty to stop the guards from shooting the rioters down. Specially as when Gate 3 was threatened also. I received a call from Maj. Ramos for permission to fire and my answer was “Permission granted to fire your water hoses.”

So no shooting inside the Malacañang compound. Otherwise it would have been a massacre.

January 24, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 51


Office of the President

of the Philippines

Malacañang Palace

January 24, 1970

1:00 PM

I have just directed the retirement of Gen. Raval and all the extended generals effective Feb 1st and April 1st. I will retain Gen. Yan as Chief of Staff only because there is no one who is qualified to take his place. I will put Gen. Eddie Garcia presently CG of the Tabak Division as PC chief.

I do sympathize with Gen. Raval who claims  he had nothing to do with the abuses of the Special Forces but there is discontent in the rank and file of the Armed Forces and Gen. Raval is one of the reasons. Another is the feeling of the lower ranking officers that they have no hope of advancement. And with the efforts of the Liberals to intrigue the military into a coup d’etat, it becomes necessary to remove all causes of grievance.

The truth of the matter is the retiring officers are better than those who will succeed them. I hope to place some of them in civilian positions.

I cannot choose a replacement of Sec. Mata. I am trying to get a civilian and non-military man. But I guess I will ultimately push Gen. Yan up to Secretary of National Defense while I ultimately push Ileto up to Chief of Staff.

January 20, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 43 01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 44




January 20, 1970 Malacañang Palace I still write this in Veterans Memorial Hosp. at 8:00 AM. Meldy is coming home to the Palace at noon before lunch. We have stopped the regular stipends to the columnists and newspapermen. This was started by Pres. Magsaysay in 1954. But we have to stop this corruption. This may be the cause of the harsh and even vicious attitude of the newspapers. I am still trying to ferret out the TV and radio commentators who are being bought. This has to be stopped too. The Commissioner of Civil Service, Abelardo Subido, has been found guilty in the investigation of his actuations in entering into contracts with himself. I have requested him to resign. We have to set the example in the higher echelons of government. For undoubtedly there is still petty graft in the lower ranks – the export office is one, the BIR and the Customs. This must be eradicated and soon. Malacañang 11:55 PM Settled the Speakership problem this morning by calling Ex Speaker Villareal, then Speaker Laurel to Maharlika. Villareal graciously withdrew but his supporters swear that if Laurel does not remain loyal to me, they will topple him. Met the congressmen who all wanted releases and appointments. Met Commissioner of Civil Service Abelardo Subido whom I asked to resign for violation of the Anti-Graft Law for signing a contract of lease both as lessor and lessee.




Will reorganize the army so that the IInd and IIIrd Military areas will be converted into brigades. More flexible and fitted to the concept of home defense or guerrilla war. Updating the emergency plan to include not only counter-insurgency but even a military attempt at a take over. Have ordered Gen. Raval to prepare a strike force in Camp Crame. Must get the armored units, the air force and naval units organized. Met Sec. Mata, Usec. Melchor, Gen. Yan, Ileto, Raval, Singson and Com. Lomibao. Will meet with Gov. Licaros and Zavkar of the IMF tomorrow. Looks like Zavkar has no power to negotiate but has been instructed to propose devaluation of from 25% to 30% or a multiple rate of exchange. From reports, Zavhkar is of the belief that we will not be able to enforce a multiple rate of exchange. They want a budget surplus in the next six months – which we already have. The truth of the matter is everything – but everything is awaiting at a standstill the results of the consultations with IMF – both government and the private sector cannot move until we know what the BOP strategy is.

January 16, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 36


January 16, 1970





We were all agreed that the cyst of Meldy was benign as it had not changed in size for the last two years and in fact has actually reduced in size. But she was beginning to contaminate  everyone with her tension including me.

Meldy is resting well and ate Chinese lugaw from Ralph tonight. Bongbong kept us in stitches with stories of his first dance and the children’s parties he has attended.

Horrors, Mother says she will be 77 next month and feels like 20 after Dr.  Meliavo and Switzerland. What a lot of these people in this room would give to feel like 20, specially Zita Feliciano who is trying to peep into my diary.

All these women around here, I bet are all wondering if they have lumps in their breasts.

Yesterday there was a demonstration of students from the Central University, Phil. Normal School and Phil. College of Arts and Trades for the release of P65 million and the appointment of their own choice of President for the Central University.

Tonight Ignacio Lacsina led a thousand demonstrators in what Gen. Raval says is a month-long demonstration against the administration and the various govt. agencies like the PC, against alleged partisanship of the PC for the Northern Motors in the strike there. Ordered an investigation.

Ordered Gen. Raval to follow-up of the plan I directed to set up alarm systems in the barrios under the BHDF.

February 22, 1969 — Saturday

General Raval, Chief of Constabulary visited me and asked me advice on how to improve the morale, the behavior and the integrity of the members of the force. I told him that it is best to talk to the young officers and awaken in their minds the importance of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Afterwards gradually concentrate on the older officers. He requested me to speak to the officers next Saturday March 1, at 9 a.m. at Camp Crame.