Category Diary of Jorge B. Vargas

January 6, 1946

I cut out Amorsolo’s Harvest scene, Resurreccion Hidalgo’s Punta Santa Ana and de la Rosa’s Pasig River from art catalogue. Also picture of Kawilihan from cover and use them as decorations in my cell pasting them to wall with pomade.

January 4, 1946

At 9:45 Chaplain Clemen came in and surprised me washing my winter underwear -told him I consider my life as having gone back to the primitive, where one has to do everything himself- Although rather late in life, but it is good to know one can stand it in good grace and good health. Told me he read of proposal to make Philippines 49th state of US. He was in favor. Asked my opinion economically advantageous to Phil. if really agreeable to US but many people would prefer absolute independence -Rather late anyhow now as independence is coming on July 4th.

December 31, 1945

Nothing Unusual -just another day in prison- slept at 7 p.m. straight to 6 a.m. next morning.

December 24, 1945

Xmas service in mess hall at 3 p.m. Germans sang Xmas carol in Deutsch -Chinese sang New National Anthem in Chinese- We sang Filipino National Hymn in Spanish, but only Osias knew the words.