About Mabini

This diary was written by Apolinario Mabini during his period of exile in Guam, after he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the United States. They were written in the form of notes, and published as such (titled “Memoirs of Guam”), covering the period  January 15, 1901 to September 23, 1902. The notes begin as follows:

I was born in 1864, in Tanawan, Batangas.

I studied in Manila in 1881.

I stayed in Bawan in 1882-83.

I returned to Manila, in 1884-85 to study Philosophy.

I was in Lipa in 1886-87, during which time I obtained my degrees in Bachelor of Arts and as a High School Teacher.

In 1888, I took up Law which I finished in 1894.

I was paralyzed in January, of 1896. In October of the same year, I was imprisoned by the Spaniards and released in June of the following year.

I was with Aguinaldo from June 1898 to May 1899.

In December of this last year, I was imprisoned by the Americans and exiled to Guam in January 1901.

The version used here appears in The Philippine Revolution (With other documents of the period) Volume II by Apolinario Mabini. National Historical Institute, Manila, undated. ISBN 971-538-153-7 Apparently a reprint of an earlier, prewar edition edited by Teodoro M. Kalaw.


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    Abiva is a Philippine publisher offering textbooks in basic education. We are currently working on a History textbook for grade school students. Our Kamalayang Panlipunan 7 author wishes to include in his textbook the photo of Apolinario Mabini featured in this website (as seen in https://philippinediaryproject.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/mabini.jpg?w=236&h=300). In light of this, may we respectfully request your permission to reprint the image being referred to in the link provided.

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