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Antonio de las Alas

About the author:

Born October 14, 1898, in Taal, Batangas. Studied Law at the University of Indiana and Master of Law at Yale University, finishing with highest honors. Representative, 9th Philippine Legislature, Batangas (1st District), 1931-1933, 8th Philippine Legislature, Batangas (1st District), 1928-1930, 7th Philippine Legislature, Batangas (1st District), 1925-1927, 6th Philippine Legislature, Batangas (1st District), 1922-1925; Speaker pro Tempore of the House of Representatives (1923-1929; 1931-1933); Secretary of Finance and Secretary of Public Works and Communications in the Quezon Cabinet; Commissioner of Finance in the Philippine Executive Commission; Minister of Finance in the Laurel Cabinet; elected senator in 1941 but detained on collaboration charges and amnestied by President Roxas. Delegate to the 1934 and 1971 Constitutional Conventions. Three term president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce. PAAF and National Olympic Committee of the Philippines President from 1956 to 1968. Four term president of the Philippine Columbian Association.

About the diary:

De las Alas, Antonio. The Iwahig Journal, compiled and edited by Remedios de las Alas-Kendall. Manila: privately printed, 1986. The entries are posted here with the permission of Ching Montinola, daughter of the author.

The Philippine Diary Project is grateful to Aira Espino for her invaluable assistance in encoding the entries of this diary.


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  1. Don Kendall,

    My late wife, Remedios Kendall was the editor of the Iwahig Journal, which is the diary of Don Antonio de las Alas, kept while he was a detainee of the American Armed Forces from the liberation of the Philippines until after the war ended. They spent about 6 months at the Iwahig Penal Colony. After the war ended, he and his colleagues who had served in the wartime administration under the supervision of the Japanese army were acquitted of “collaboration” with the Japanese.

    Remedios (Ming) Kendall had planned to expand her writings about “Papa” but became ill with cancer and passed away in April 2007. Two of her sisters, Carmencita (Menchu) Concepcion and Pacita (Ching) Montinola and I are continuing to collect, catalog and exhibit his memorabilia, in a room at the estate of Menchu Concepcion, “La Veranda”, located just outside the city of Manila.
    We are also compiling articles about the man, his accomplishments and his character into a book, hopefully to be published later this year. This book will also contain photgraphs over the duration of his life, excerpts from The Iwahig Journal and selected speeches and writings by him.

  2. What a treasure to find this on the web!

    I am the grandson of Lily de las Alas Padilla 🙂

    I’d love to visit the memorabilia in La Veranda.

  3. Darius de las Alas,

    I am the son of Antonio M. de las Alas Jr (deceased), though not the son of Don Antonio.

    I am intrigued and very interested to know more about my heritage (no matter how far my lineage maybe).

  4. Oliver Nolasco,

    Is Tita Goquiolay your mom? I hope you still remember me. Don Antonio de las Alas, Jr. (I still remember him when I was a kid), had an only son, Tito Tony (your dad), Tita Lily de las Alas-Padilla, wife of Senator Ambrosio Padilla, and Tita Menchu (can’t recall her married name. They used to live on Kanlaon St. x Quezon Blvd. Extension, Quezon City. I remember it was a large white house with a large swimming pool at the back. My dad (Manuel) used to take us there a lot when we were kids. FYI, Tito Tony and Tito Cesar (Cesar B. Enriquez), and my dad, just the three of them, reviewed for the CPA exams back in 1948. I was 2 years old then. My dad placed 4th or 8th (I don’t exactly remember now) and they formed an accounting firm (De Las Alas, Nolasco & Enriquez, Certified Public Accountants) but it was short-lived. They moved on separately but very close to each other including families. Tito Tony became vice-president of People’s Bank and Trust Co. Tito Cesar Enriquez became controller of Muhler & Phipps, and upon retirement became General Manager of Gilarmi Apartments on Ayala Avenue. This apartment building was owned by Virgilio Hilario and Armi Kuusela (the first ever Miss Universe). I want to add some more and I’ll do some more research for you.

    • Darius de las Alas,


      No. My father is Atty Antonio M. de las Alas, Jr. and we hail from Taal but he is not the son of Don Antonio. He did, however, work for Senator Ambrosio Padilla in his law firm and went on to become Asst Legal Counsel for San Miguel Corporation before retiring in 1998 to run for Vice-Mayor in Taal, but he didn’t win. He did serve as a councilor of Taal prior to that. He died in 2003.

      • Oliver Nolasco,

        Hello, Antonio de las Alas, Jr. is from Batangas, too. He died about 9-10 years ago of cancer. He had 2 sons (Tonito and Gustine) from his wife Tita Goquiolay.

  5. Oliver Nolasco,

    P.S. The Delas Alases are from Batangas.

  6. jovell de las alas,

    i have read antonio your updates to your dad,maybe you dnt me either,but my grandfather francisco de las alas is from taal also.my father is d late dominador who also was phil.veteran.we where raise in san pablo city,i can still remember may i call your dad tito tony also,i met him once in san miguel office in ortigas,that time im applying for job,it so happens n he is very busy then for his flight maybe in davao yta un,so d kmi nagka usap ng maayos,im now in davao w/ my family since 1997.i only wnt to w you n mga de las alas talaga e tga batangas ung partido ntin,hope we will see each other or have a reunion to all of us knw more about us.

  7. Nico Montinola,

    hey Uncle Don! I found this site from an American guy I met in Youtube discussing the Vietnam War. Our discussions led us here! hahaha


  8. Myk Miguel,

    Hi, I’m Antonio de las Alas Miguel, Jr of Gumaca, Quezon. My lolo, Candido de las Alas hailed from Taal but raised his family and siblings (when they became orphans) in Gumaca thus we called ourselves “de las Alases of Gumaca”. Candido became the piioneer Batangueno of Gumaca. I heard from him that Sens. Padilla and Diokno always drop by at our Gumaca ancentral home during their campaign sorties. Don Antonio was a cousin of Candido. As I remember, the “Old Man” attended our clan’s weddings. In fact, he was a ninong of my brother. I also remember a certain de las Alas who was a president of large construction company during Marcos’ years was our clan’s frequent guest.

    • Hi, I am Adrian de las Alas. Don Antonio was my grandfather. It says that Don Antonio only had 1 son but there was 2. My Dad, Alfredo de las Alas was the other one. We were the one who had a construction which was ALAS Construction.

  9. Hi I’m Nazareth de las Alas, my dad Rafael de las Alas, my lolo Timoteo hails from LOBO, BATANGAS. I believe that our linkage hails from Taal also. An uncle of mine told me that we are related to the family of celebrity Ogie de las Alas Alcasid, (also from Taal). I guess that there’s a huge de las Alas clan in Taal and Cavite than in our hometown Lobo. By the way, my dad Rafael Madlangbayan de las Alas was the one whom Antonio “Tony” Leviste (former Batangas Governor and estranged husband of Sen. Loren Legarda) murdered. When I came across the name Antonio de las Alas, who was famous ages ago, I started researching his profile and possible linkage to our kinship. Anyways, he was such a prolific statesman during his era. Even Philippine President Manuel Quezon called him “the greatest man the country has ever produced..”

  10. myk miguel,

    There was a certain de las Alas who was the president of Construction and development Corporation of the Phil (CDCP). He attended our family gatherings together with Don Antonio. FYI, there are more de las Alases in Indang, Cavite where Severino de las Alas, one of the Trece Martirez, hailed.

  11. my gremy great great grandfather don severino de las alas
    cause i’m marco severino de las alas

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