About the Diaries

The majority of the diaries reproduced here were previously published but are now out of print. Others have been published here for the first time. As much as possible, when published, the editing of the published diaries has been retained.

For diaries that have not been previously published, a scan of the original pages will be provided along with the encoded text.

Biographical information on the authors and notes on sources have also been provided.


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  1. Cool… Hope you don’t mind that I link to you from the whatsikat blog. (http://whatsikat.com/blog/)

  2. This site is informative. 😀 Ciao.

  3. Silent Waters,

    I love this! Gives people a sense of what these famous people are thinking of during those times. Hopefully they are writing these entries without feeling like they are writing to a possible reader as they may not reveal their true feelings but rather pander to the possible reader…

  4. A very interesting project. Excellent reading material for someone wanting to fathom the depths of these minds….Hope you don’t mind me linking it to my blogsite.


  5. Shelby Payne,

    This is a great site and good resource material I hope you can add more to it as time goes by.

  6. Henry Ma,

    Are the Marcos diaries authentic? Where are they now?

  7. greg anonas,


    I am the grandson of greg anonas. He is mentioned in some of your blogs because he was part of the ateneo volunteers during world war II. I have a write up I would like to submit to you alongside the write up of his my grandmother, Patria Belmonte Anonas of her experiences during the war.

  8. J,

    @Henry Ma

    Yes the Marcos diaries I think are authentic. They are now in the possesion of the govt I think. US journalist William C Remel wrote abook about it.

  9. K. Reyes,

    Could someone who is in charge of this site PLEASE contact me ASAP? I have a few questions in regards to General Valdes’ entries. Thanks!


  10. alexei villaraza,

    Hi, I’m a tech columnist from Manila Bulletin and I’d like to feature this blog in the Technews section. May I email you questions? Thanks!

  11. h.,

    hi! we are into digital publishing and we’d like to send you a project proposal, could you please email me at hanniepeas@yahoo.com if you are interested? thanks!

  12. Tiff,

    Hi! Were the Macario Peralta journals previously published? If so, where? If not, would it be possible to get the scanned originals? I’m doing a writing project on the guerilla movement during WWII and those scans would be really helpful. Thank you!

  13. Kimmy,

    I plan to use the Paterno diary entry for a debate. May I know how to prove it’s authenticity? Where did you get it? 🙂

  14. Thank you for making this site. My mother was Brigadier General Macario Peralta’s first cousin. I am in the process of documenting my family history and request permission to link this site to my blog http://auroraharris.blogspot.com/
    Aurora Harris-Detroit, MI

  15. jin,

    people and teens where curious about these dairies of ferdinand marcos..in 2013 nung nag painterview si former senator bongbong marcos he said that he will publish the book.. how come hindi po na publish? .I am curious how did you come up with the diaries on this site and why? – curious citizen

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