October 1985
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Month October 1985

October 31, 1985

Leaving for Hongkong, L.A., Washington and NY. Will contact close friends to raise campaign funds. Will also maximize US support for opposition cause.

October 18, 1985

National Unification Committee representatives (NUC) came to the house this morning to suggest process of selection of common opposition candidate. I told them I am already the official candidate of the only accredited opposition party, UNIDO. I suspect they are eyeing Cory as a candidate. It is possible Cory has intimated to Cecilia Muñoz Palma that she may change her mind about running if she is the common candidate. But Cory had continued to deny this in public. I am, however, proceeding with my campaign schedule. Tomorrow I will leave for Surigao and Cebu. Then to Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. Iloilo next week.

October 7, 1985

Met with Nanding Campos, Atty. Maranan, Edong Jimenez, Paragua and Loni Bocalan. We are solid in Cavite. Also met Hector Espenilla, Jolly Fernandez and Pablo Bautista of Masbate, and Governor Felicing San Luis of Laguna. Boy Herrera of TUCP & Cebu also assured me of full support. Campaign is picking up!