September 2, 1972



Note: first page of this entry is missing.


Sept. 2, 1972 (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace



Gave a TV-Radio interview at 4:00 PM on 1. the Relief and Rehabilitation work 2. The Progressive Car Manufacturing Program 3. Sen. Daniel Inouye (I mistakenly referred to him as from Japan, but I later corrected myself) 4. the exchange of military information with Indonesia with the visit of Gen. Maraden Panggabean, the Minister of State for Defense and Security and Vice Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces.

I announced the decision to sustain the BOI to have the _____ ____ ____; Ford, Gen. Motors, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Toyota –there being no agreement or ____ to alter the BOI decision. But any of them which does not comply with its proposal at any given year will be immediately disqualified that year.

AP man Gil Santos will carry the story of the Indonesian government furnishing us information on Jose Maria Sison and the PKI (the Partai Komunis Indonesia); how Sison received direction, ___ and support from Indonesia. Even the constitution of the New Communist Party of the Philippines was drafted or approved in Indonesia. Barki ___ ___ ____ ____



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  1. Joey,

    “I announced the decision to sustain the BOI to have the ‘five winning bidders'” next one is “evidence”

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