Thursday, January 8, 1970

01 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0001-0099 (Jan01-Feb28) 22





January 8, 1970

I have ordered a study in depth of all our efforts of counter-insurgency, economic development, social reform as well as military action.

The civilian agents must be disbanded but the Barrio Home Defense Force should be strengthened to stop the expansion of the Huks and the New People’s Army.

Emergency plan by phases – compartmentalized, in the event of massive sabotage, terrorism and infiltration. Counter-action by pre-assigned units and officers and men.

Lifted the limitation of flights of foreign carriers from Japan for one year – but Pan Am must spend $1 million to promote the route and build its own terminal.

No more need for transit visas.

Development of the Manila Tourist belt (Central Bank P200,000), police security for tourists including certification of taxicab companies, Tagaytay, Corregidor, Bataan, Pagsanjan – Navy hydrofoil to Corregidor & Bataan run.

Will ask the tourist & business community to talk to the publishers to tone down on crime.

As of today loans will again be allowed for mining and new export industries.

Speaker Laurel and Sen. Pres. Puyat ask for support for their respective candidacies.

The Lopezes as I predicted are starting to plot against me. Iñing Lopez has recovered enough from hypoglycemia to order their Manila Chronicle to attack me and the Marcos Foundation.

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