February 14, 1942



Many Jap atrocities. Saw several tied to posts in front of Jap garrisons. Many brought to Fort Santiago dungeons where they are tortured and chained. Pagulayan of Naric locked in Santiago. Taken from his house at midnight. Many houses raided by Jap and Military Police. Japs executing those who have guns and gasoline hidden in houses.

Heard the daughter of a high official was almost abused by Japs. They went to her house one night. The father of girl was slapped for standing on the way of Jap officer trying to embrace daughter. Fortunately one of the girl’s brother was able to call for help from Jap M.P. Some say when M.P. arrived Jap and girl were in the room while other Jap soldiers were holding brother and father at point of bayonets. Others say, lust did not have a holiday.

Japs voice ferociously blabbering about Singapore victory. Newspapers speak of victories in all fronts. But very, very silent about Bataan, heh, heh.

Tomorrow is dad’s birthday. Before leaving for Bataan, I shall send them a letter, a long one. Will pray extra for dad.




Must leave tonight for Bataan. Received order. Prayed two rosaries.


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