January 31, 1942

There is too much wishful thinking. There are too many pseudo-generals. Too many opinions on what the USAFFE will do next and when the next bombs will be dropped.

I have adopted an attitude of resignation. I take what comes. There is no use trying to reform the world. We are mere specks in the vast universe. Our personal wishes are like dust on a wide field.

My mind is in my work. If everybody just sticks to his own work, the world might run better. There is too much minding of the other fellow’s business.

Lim Ki Chao, 704 Uaya, has 50 bales of Hessian cloth for about 75,000 standard rice sacks. Price: ₱32.00 per 100, ex-store. May be sewed in 12 days. Fernando Sy Cip, 85 Valenzuela, has 50,000 empty rice sacks. Price: ₱65.00 per 100, ex-bodega. San Jose Rice Mill, corner Rents, and Juan Luna—no stocks. Sacks are a major problem.

Rice sellers must be placed on salary basis. What salary? That will be determined later. Each stall may engage two helpers each with a wage of ₱1.00 a day.

It was decided that Japanese supervisors will be paid on a salary basis.

It was also decided to place in our hands all cash proceeds from sales in the market.

The NARIC will handle the distribution of flour. Initial supply will be 5,000 bags.

Salaries of the NARIC, CEA and National Trading Corporation, personnel have been approved. The boys will be glad.

Mr. Mori called me to Malacañan. He inquired about the National Development subsidiaries.

Well, it has been another busy day—and month.


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