January 25, 1942

The News Division of the Japanese Army has requested me to write my opinion regarding Premier Tozyo a promise of independence. Shall I write the truth? Shall I tell them that I don’t believe they’ll give us independence? Here’s a note from Mr. Terada: “I shall appreciate it very much if you will prepare your statement for publication.”

This is what I gave the News Division: (I bet they won’t publish it.)

Complying with the request of the News Division of the Japanese Army of Occupation, regarding Premier Tozyo’s statement of Japan’s present war aims and her desire to grant Independence to the Philippines, I have this to state:

‘I consider my work in the Food Administration and the NARIC as technical. Therefore my feeling is that we have our leaders to help shape the major policy of the nation. I am ready to obey orders to the best of my ability and within the means at my disposal’.

In these days, silence is golden.


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