October 1941
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Month October 1941

October 24, 1941

For the past few months, Gen. MacArthur, as CG, USAFFE had made repesentations with Pres. Quezon for additional lands in the perimeter of Clark Field to increase its capacity to accommodate the planes he anticipated coming from the USAAC. Purchase negotiations  were having difficulties due to agrarian demands by certain sectors in Pampanga led by Pedro Abad Santos.  To solve the problem, Pres. Quezon made the bold decision to expropriate the needed areas for Clark Field effective Oct. 21, due to the exigencies of the emergency situation.  The decision seems to meet public approval as no complaints were registered.

After a week-long leave, I resumed my duties as CO, Q-112. However, during my leave, Manila News reported the resignation of the entire cabinet of Prince Konoye of Japan on Oct 17.  Emperor Hirohito accepted the Konoye’s decision and designated Gen. Hideki Tojo, the War Minister, to head a new gov’t.  To the US, the transformation holds threatening possibilities as Konoye was more receptive to Washington than Tojo has ever been.

Manila News also reported the USS Kearney torpedo attack by German U-Boat near Iceland, survived the attack but 11 crew members were killed.  This stirred passion in Washington specially in Congress.  And today, Joe DiMaggio hit safely in a record 56 straight games.

October 16, 1941

The 1st Q-Boat Squadron had been training since last March and after six months tactical exercises in various scenarios, it is  confident of performing anticipated missions.  Our Joint Training with PT Ron 3, USN, bolstered not only our morale but also the number of our torpedo boats to a total of nine, a potent number to reckon with.

Yesterday, Oct. 15 Class ’40 Officers at OSP celebrated its 18th month after graduation from PMA March 15,1940 at our officers club.  We talked about  other classmates in the other branches and noted that of the total 79 members, 17 had married the cream of society in their respective communities leaving 62 of us bachelors.

Among those married are (Mistah’s last name and wife’s 1st name) Mayo & Pet; Navarro & Fe; Estrada & Trining; Perez & Virginia; Lising & Loudes; Orias & Toyang; Esguerra & Rosal; Velasco & Soty; Sebastian & Hilda; Santos & Pepay; Piccio & Llaning; Soliman & Aurora; Picar & Betty; De Leon & Marion; Yap & Betty; Iway & Lourdes; Bocalbos & Josie: The brides came from nationally known families like Guidote, Ilano, Rosales, Marino, Sison, Celi, Mendoza, Uvaz, Arrizabal, etc.

PMA graduates then had a scent of glamor and were in demand…

And so, as war clouds continue to gather, I decided to be the 18th member of the class to get married quietly this afternoon to my sweetheart, Lucille Johnson of LA.  In tune with the time, the civil ceremony was performed by JP C. Navarro at 1543 San Jorge, Manila with only close members of our family in attendance followed by dinner reception at the Johnson residence at Tennessee St.  The only non-members of the family in that dinner was Lt. Abraham Campo, my ExO and the five crew members of Q-112.  I was given a week honeymoon leave spent in Baguio City and during my absence, Lt. Campo was Actg, CO, Q-112.

Manila news report German troops took Odessa on the Black Sea.  In France, the Vichy Gov’t. sentenced Leon Blum, Edouard Deladier, Georges Mandel, Paul Reynard and Maurice Gamelin to life imprisonment

October 14, 1941

Reinforcements in equipment, ordnance and personnel that left USA last August started arriving in Manila Sept. 20 last month. Today, the good news is about the arrival of Artillery Ordnance. Fifty 75 mm. Self Propelled Mounts (SPM) Artillery; Twenty four 155 mm. Artillery and 155 mm. Howitzers on wooden wheels  that also arrived were issued to the unit of Col. Alexander Quintard.

Manila front page news is all about USSR Red Army’s continued counter attacks against the Germans in Ukraine and Leningrad fronts; claims Nazi losses to 3 million to their 1.1 million.

October 11, 1941

After a week-long Joint Tactical Training between our Q-Boat Squadron and PT Ron Three, the OSP Officers hosted a dinner dance for the USN Officers at the Winter Garden, Manila Hotel. I invited my good friend  Lt. Sid Huff USN to the affair.  He escorted former Miss Philippines, Miss Conching Sunico.

It was an impressive social gathering of the cream of Manila socialites and among those that graced the affair were Erlinda Kalaw; Josephine, Purita and Baby Yulo; Eva and Nina Estrada; Helen Bennett; Alice Dreyfus; Aurora Zablan; Paquita Puzon; Amparito Gutierrez; Leonor and Maxime Carmelo; Helen and Evelyn Fabella; Betty Arrastia; Erlinda Garcia, Susan Magalona etc.  This is not surprising as the Head of our Invitation Committee was Lt. Charlie Albert ’39.

The atmosphere was joyful with a scent of Christmas.  After dinner our guest enjoyed dancing with their new friends from Manila.  Dancing lasted past midnight with our guest expressing profound thanks for  a memorable evening.  Lt. John D. Bulkeley, Sqn. Comdr. PT Ron Three told me how much they enjoyed the honor accorded them.

Manila’s front page good news  announced USSR Red Army stopped the German advance towards  Moscow.

October 6, 1941

Our general mobilization is going according to schedule in all ten PA Military Districts. Personnel of the 2nd Regimental PA Reserve Divisions started reporting for duty in their respective Centers last Oct. 2.  By 1946, when we gain our independence, the defense plan would have trained adequate personnel with necessary armaments. OSP will have 50 Q-Boats by then but at  present we only have three.  With the mounting build up of Japanese forces in nearby Indo-China, I wonder what will happen if hostilities start way before 1946. Just wondering.

The bad news is the order by the US War Department that Plan Rainbow to be in effect in the Phil., which Gen. MacArthur as CG, USAFFE objected vigorously as it means less priority tantamount to immediate loss. He believes we can be defended successfully if given proper military hardware and logistics for training a total 200,000 troops expected to be mobilized by April 1942.

The good news is that joint naval exercises between Q-Boat RON One and PT RON THREE starts today to cover communications, basic tactics and formations.  These exercises are essential for future coordinated joint operations and will last for a week.

Manila news states that Nazi executed Czech Premier Alvis  Elias. In Paris, six synagogues  were blown up. Nazi warned Norwegians to comply with rules of the occupation or face starvation.